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AusSTS 2020 Online Workshop Series

The AusSTS 2020 online workshop series is broken into 4 weeks, including a keynote by Adia Benton and three interactive workshop sessions. Each session has a different theme and is facilitated by a different group of STS researchers. These sessions broadly ask: what does “participating” in research look like since COVID-19? While COVID-19 has closed access off to some archives, how might new archives now be made available? And finally, how might we use this current moment as a starting point to rethink what “business as usual” research might look like?

Watch the Sessions

Participating in Research Now
PRESENTERS: Jenny Kennedy (RMIT), Kari Lancaster (UNSW), Timothy Neale (Deakin) and Matthew Kearnes (UNSW)
FACILITATORS: Kari Lancaster (UNSW) and Timothy Neale (Deakin)
Digital Life as Archive
PRESENTERS: Celia Roberts (ANU), Adrian Mackenzie (ANU), and Emily van der Nagel (Monash)
FACILITATORS: Courtney Addison (VUW), Declan Kuch (UNSW), and Owen McNamara (ANU)
Disruption, opportunity and re/arranging STS research
PRESENTERS: Andrea Ballestero (Rice University), and Tess Lea (University of Sydney)
FACILITATORS: Michaela Spencer (CDU), Jennifer Macdonald (CDU), and Kirsty Howey (University of Sydney)

Organising committee

Thao Phan, Emma Kowal, Kari Lancaster, Timothy Neale, Courtney Addison, Declan Kuch, Owen McNamara, Michaela Spencer, Jennifer Macdonald, Kirsty Howey