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AusSTS Interdisciplinary Workshop

Melbourne, Australia

To meet the great challenges of this century, scientists and humanities and social science researchers need to work together. No single academic field can bring about the changes we need to see in the world. Bridging disciplinary divides is the key to finding new solutions to the problems we face.

The AusSTS interdisciplinary workshop is a multi-day event that seeks to convene conversations between researchers around the complex issues facing science, technology and society today. It consists of workshops, keynote lectures, creative events, and short papers. This symposium is designed for postgraduate students and ECRs researching science and technology and who are interested in 1) exploring new and creative forms of inquiry, 2) developing collaborative practices to further their research. The aim of this collaboration is not to turn scientists into social scientists or humanities scholars or vice versa. Rather, it is to create opportunities for students to share diverse perspectives on common issues.

Watch the Keynotes

Animal Anarchy and The Secret Life of Pets
Public Keynote with Jack Halberstam (Columbia University)
Transgenerational Politics, Solidarity and Justice-to-Come
Keynote Conversation with Jack Halberstam (Columbia University) and J.R. Latham (Deakin University)

Other Keynotes and Workshops

Opening Keynote: “50 Shades of Grey matter” with Cordelia Fine (University of Melbourne)
Workshop 1: “Communicating your research beyond the academic sphere” with Sarah Hayes (Deakin University)
Workshop 2: “Podcasting” with Timothy Neale (Deakin University) and The Familiar Strange (ANU)
Workshop 3: “Science Gallery: Intersections of art and science” with Niels Wouters and Ryan Jefferies (Science Gallery Melbourne)
Workshop 4: “Studying up, down, slow, and fast” with Kari Lancaster (UNSW) and Declan Kuch (UNSW)
Workshop 5: “Film and Political Possibility” – Film Screenings of Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland (2018, dir. The Karrabing Collective) and MyMy (2014, dir. Anna Helme) with panel discussants Tess Lea (University of Sydney and Karrabing Film Collective), Anna Helme (VCA School of Fine Arts and Music), and Sean Redmond (Deakin University)

Photos from the Workshop

Photos Credit: Giles Campbell-Wright, Deakin University

Organising Committee

Thao Phan, Deakin University
Timothy Neale, Deakin University
Gemma Smart, University of Sydney
Kari Lancaster, UNSW
Michaela Spencer, Charles Darwin University
Jacina Leong, RMIT