AusSTS Graduate Network

AusSTS is a network of researchers in science and technology studies (STS) in Australasia. We host social, professional, and academic events to create a community in STS across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. AusSTS has local nodes in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Wellington.

The AusSTS Graduate Network (or “AusSTS”) is a community for STS scholars situated across Australasia. The network hosts regular events and activities designed to bring together the Australasian STS community, support postgraduate and early career scholars, and to reflect on the nuances of situated knowledge-making. Despite the strong history of critical engagement with science and technology in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, and the growing recognition of the value and excellence of STS scholarship in the region, it is rare to find dedicated or exclusively defined STS departments or institutes in the universities of either countries. As such, AusSTS was founded to serve as an intellectual and collegial home for STS researchers in Australasia. The expertise of our members span across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences including Indigenous studies, anthropology, sociology, media studies, queer and gender studies, history and philosophy of science, public health, law, artistic and creative practice, activism, and more.

Call for Applications for AusSTS2022 Workshop is now live!

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